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Step 1: Come in for a Complimentary Assessment

With safety as our #1 priority, we want to grade your current status of strength, mobility, and form to determine the best starting point for your transformation. For seasoned athletes, this is your time to demonstrate to us your skill set.

Step 2: Complete 1-1 Fundamentals

Our carefully structured custom 1-on-1 sessions will prepare you on all levels of power and form so that you'll hit the ground running when it's time to join our group workouts without injury or intimidation.

Step 3: Join our Group Workouts

Congratulations! You're stronger, more mobile, and fit enough to handle the vast range of Crossfit movements that our group members tough through every day! Welcome to the Unbroken family!



Final WOD

Team Workout 50 tire flips 50 stingers 15 rope climbs 50 stingers 50 tire flips

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Sundays are for getting out of the gym.  The rest of the week we are working hard towards your goals.  Pick any class and come in.  Please arrive on time, and get ready to put everything you have into our custom-programmed workouts.

No classes scheduled


Unbroken is a strength and conditioning facility that utilizes CrossFit methodologies to achieve fitness for everyone from children to the elderly. We have been doing so since June 2009. Our reputation and our members continue to grow as we demonstrate our exceptional ability to inspire positive change in our athletes’ lifestyles.

We offer over 60 hours of workouts between all of our programs, more than any other CrossFit gym in our area with Level 2 and Level 1 CrossFit Coaches guiding your every movement.



Crossfit, along with healthy eating, and a commitment to endure indefinitely, will lead to results.  Whether  your goal is health related, or even to simply look better naked, we can get you on track.

The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.― CARLOS CASTANEDA



Our Sponsors

With much pride and gratitude, we thank our generous sponsors.

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